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Founder Desk

Our entry in pharmaceutical industry neither is an accidental nor in opportunistic but it is very well planned, deliberated and timely and we spent almost five decades in pharmaceutical industry, we have a rich working experience with almost all the leading multinational and national pharmaceutical companies. In last five decades we have learnt and earned respect, professional ethics, good public dealing, these all factors collectively motivated us to establish American Biocare.

American Biocare is objectively launched and our objectives are very clear. We aim to market and export high quality medicines at the competitive prices under ethical manners.

We offer more affordable medicines to cater the ever growing need for treatment regimens, helping to alleviate the quality of life of Indian patients and others on globe.

Our core values at American Biocare are:
  • Hard Work
  • Honest Work
  • Wise Work

We are lucky enough to have dedicated teams of good team players in all segments like production, R&D, commercial, human resource, administration, finance, distribution, marketing and sales teams; they all are very hard, honest and wise workers.

Finally I would say success is sure. Because we have better people armed with valuable experiences, may Almighty God help us in our endeavors

Rajkumar Jiwani
American Biocare
  • We believe...

    Transparency is the key to success

  • We strive...

    To make it possible

  • We are a team...

    Everyone matters

  • We achieve...

    Winning is a habit with us

  • We aim high...

    With our feet firmly on the ground